Wish Fountain redefines digital art through interactive experiences. This innovative installation invites visitors to contribute their wishes, transforming them into a captivating light display across a uniquely designed ripple-shaped bench and wall-mounted screens. Inspired by the city’s oceanic vistas, the artwork emulates the rippling effect of water, offering a serene and reflective space that resonates with San Diego’s natural charm.

Inspired by San Diego’s natural environment and ocean landscape, Wish Fountain depicts the ripples on the surface of water when a coin is dropped in a wishing well. Almost like an abstract landscape model of San Diego, the undulating surface of alternating plywood and resin also recalls the area’s abundant natural waterways sandwiched in between hills. Aside from inanimate natural elements, the playful animations of Wish Fountain celebrate local fish species–such as mahi mahi, mackerel, and garibaldi–to create a digital koi pond offering peacefulness and bringing in good luck in many cultures.

The installation’s interactive nature lies at its core. Visitors send their wishes via text message, each wish becoming a secret shared with the fountain. These wishes are then artistically represented through a spectrum of colors and patterns, creating a dynamic and engaging visual narrative across the installation. The use of local fish species in the animations contributes to a tranquil, aquatic ambiance, bringing a touch of nature’s tranquility into an urban setting.

Wish Fountain is more than an art piece; it's a communal experience that brings together technology and human emotion. With its capability to update display prompts to match current events and local cultural themes, the installation remains a relevant and engaging piece for visitors. By offering a unique, personalized interaction for each visitor, Wish Fountain sets a new benchmark in digital art installations, consistently providing value and allure to the public spaces it adorns.

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